Newton: Master Puzzle Solver

If I saw further than other men, it was because I stood on the shoulders of giants.

Sir Isaac Newton,brooding over lofty concepts

Newton, brooding over lofty concepts

Sir Isaac Newton will be the first genius I explore since he had a 2060 rapture-prediction, quite the timely topic with infamous 5/21/11 in the recent past!

English Sir Isaac Newton (1642-1727) will be forever remembered for his incredible discoveries in mathematics, physics and astronomy. If an apple hit you in the head, would you say “ow” or conceive of gravity?

Darker pursuits also appealed to Newton, who believed the universe was a “cryptogram set by the Almighty” for humans to decipher. When I say master puzzle solver, I’m not talking about jigsaw. You may remember a certain hyperbolic History Channel special on the subject (see clip below).

Newton may have stood on his predecessors’ shoulders, but nowadays we’re all propped up by his robust work, which enabled technology like aerospace travel (among 1 million other things).


Apple, elucidator of gravity!

In general, Newton was an odd fellow who kept to himself. Amicus Plato; amicus Aristoteles; magis amica veritas, junior Newton penned in his journal, which means: “Plato is my friend, Aristotle is my friend, but the truth is my best friend.”

In light of his obsession with the Divine Universal Puzzle, Newton tried to live as piously and benevolently as possible. At age 20, he compiled a list of all his sins, including:

Making pies on Sunday night; punching my sister; peevishness…for a piece of bread and butter.

Newton’s perception of sin probably means he would think most of us are depraved, hell-bound a**holes.

To live like Newton, I will:

  • Catch up with ancient pals Plato & Aristotle
  • Try to learn something about BFF TRUTH
  • Make a pie on Sunday night and feel bad about it
  • Ponder the Divine Universal Puzzle
  • Inventory all of my wrongdoings
  • Conduct optical experiments on my own eyes (joking!)

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  1. I wonder what his favorite pie to bake was…apple? chicken pot? berry medley? Perhaps he felt bad post pie-consumption because he ate the whole thing by himself.

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