Living Newtonian

As it turns out, living Newtonian is pretty fun, Enlightenment style. Despite his lustrous white wig and dark grimace, I can safely say ol’ Isaac would probably be a mildly enjoyable guy.

Divine Universal Puzzle

Newton’s perspective on the universe as a divine enigma for man to solve is truly enthralling. Every little thing is imbued with meaning and mystery. I find myself wondering whether x shrub or y rock is a clue to the cryptogram! Of course, the wondering ends there since I’m not any kind of scientist.

Sunday Pie

Apple Pie

Sunday-Made Apple Pie: harbinger of evil?

I felt pretty good about Sunday pie-making in spite of my efforts to wallow in guilt. I had a breakthrough with a high altitude dough recipe and sliced many an apple with nary a cut. If anything, I felt guilty for laughing at the image of Newton in his darkened scullery with a stomach full of self-condemnation.

The Late Greats

I checked out a copy of Dialogues of Plato that hadn’t seen much action since 1983. The writing was boring in an entirely unexpected way. Rather than soporific, sloth-like prose, think overeager philosophy professor with homosexual tendencies on speed. Next time, I’ll opt for a treatise, entitled On [insert broad concept.]


My list started with wreaking havoc in a toy store (age 5) and progressed into the ambiguous territory of poor judgment and impulsive action. Sinventorying facilitates self-evaluation and lesson learning.


The territory of truth is a gray area. I considered reading Sojourner Truth, for obvious reasons. Instead, I assembled a selection of TRUTHful activities:

  • Read Maya Angelou, who, after all, knows why the caged bird sings! Wise words on complaining:

There are people who went to sleep all over the world last night, but they will never wake again…their beds became their cooling boards…And those dead folks would give anything, anything at all for just five minutes of this weather or ten minutes of that plowing that person was grumbling about.

  • Watched portions of The Universe, starring Newton, black holes and nerdy scientists. Corporations aren’t the only ones merging. Galaxies are doing it too!
  • Climbed some lichen-laden, dirty rock on Decade Wall
  • If drum circles aren’t truth, I don’t know what is. Witnessed an awesome Bear Dance Pow Wow (warning: sub-par footage quality!)

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  1. Irreverent to compare the Ute bear dancers to Philadelphia’s Mummers? Hey, I find an awful lot of similarities between Ultra Orthodox Chasidim and High-Order Amish. Bet none of them would like to hear that.

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