The Unimportance of Being Ernest

Hemingway’s manly man, drunken lifestyle may have inspired him to produce remarkable prose, but it was pretty ineffective for me.

Out of this week’s living genius to-do list, I focused on the last item: “Hit the bottle!”.

Impressively enough, I managed to imbibe 70% of the week, enjoying:

  • The winning combo of PBRs and pool at Timbers
  • Partying with the AARP crowd at Gunnison County Democrats Dinner
  • Knocking back mojitos at 4 Seasons whilst writing old school style (pen!)
  • A Bacchic bike tour of New Belgium & Odells Brewery 

Boozing has been fun, but it’s not all it’s cracked up to be as far as inspiration. I’ve spent all my time at work, out or hungover, which doesn’t create conditions conducive to me writing. Especially when I tried to run some trails to fulfill “sport.”

Stand-Up Desk

Me and my sweet stand-up desk setup pretending to talk on the phone

So the works of the Lost Generation remain unread by my eyes. My attempts to set my alarm early and write 500 wds standing were feeble at best. I will note that I’m standing right now as we speak at work! I bought a storage cube, plopped it atop my desk and have been working upright ever since, much to the amusement of my chair-loving coworkers and anyone who sets foot in the office. Does that count?

And, the bullsh*t detector is going pretty well, I don’t believe I’ve fallen for a single lie, white or otherwise, all week!

The one significant writing-related activity I did partake in was joining the Gunnison Writers’ Group. I thought, if I can’t discipline myself to write, maybe some other writers and the pressure of monthly meetings will! Maybe we can be like the Gunnison Lost Generation…

Much to my amusement, the Group turned out to be a 55+ female crowd. Why am I

Old Ladies

The type of "golden" company I've been keeping at my new Writers Group

continuously drawn to activities treasured by senior citizens? Anyway, it was a hoot n a half, with a memoir about a grandmother’s dope trade in Telluride, a political romantic thriller penned by an 80 year old and the recollections of a former hockey mom.

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